Our team at 007Notary is proud to offer residents with the most incredible results on their notary service needs. At 007Notary we provide mobile notary services that are available seven days a week. As a leading provider of notary signing services, our agent is certified by the state for these witnessed documents. We are required to take a six-hour course every four years, followed by a written exam.

Our clients choose 007Notary because we offer dependable, fast, and affordable notary public services. If you find yourself in need of a witness for your written contract, car title transfer, or business documents, we are the team for you.

Are you a business owner in need of mobile notary services? 007Notary will drive out to you and witness your agreement. Many business owners who have employees out of town require notaries for the release of access codes, bank account information, or access to databases.

Our power of attorney services is ideal for those looking to present a friend or trusted companion with a power of attorney rights. This process allows you to give a loyal person the ability to make decisions on your behalf, in the event of your absence or inability.

Mortgage Notary services are often required for those looking to receive a loan, transfer homeownership or other similar documentation. Homeowners out of state find comfort in notary services, to ensure the validity of a person signature and their attestation to the particular agreement.

Individuals who seek private notary services choose 007Notary because we offer help with Affidavit of Consent and other documents. This quick and straightforward process require photo identification, to ensure the identity of both parties.

If you are living in the Palo Alto area and in need of notary public service, choose 007Notary for the best results. Call now at (650) 338-1437 to learn more about our outstanding services, and schedule your notary today!